Hyperbolic Stretching Review : Flexibility Program Is it legit?

Hyperbolic Stretching aims next fitness program that helps in strengthening muscles and upgrading flexibility. It is a digital program that aids in improving your overall well-being and was introduced by Alex Larsson.

Let’s dive into full details about this advanced and digital program.

What is Hyperbolic Stretching?

Hyperbolic stretching is a digital, advanced, and self-paced program specifically designed for keeping your muscles healthy. Alex Larsson has made this fitness scheme and helps you in attaining full potential in just four weeks.

This program is based on the idea of getting full body flexibility in four weeks by doing just eight minutes of exercise. The stretching tactics and tips are different in both male and female cases for achieving fitness goals.

The fitness course comprises of following major elements like 8-minute exercise which you can do on daily basis. The course covers 30 days having online, self-paced videos. The stretching exercises that are mentioned in this program can reshape your body in 30 days.

The fitness plan has been designed according to ancient Asian tactics and strategies that have been appreciated for a long time for getting maximum flexibility. Overall, the inventor of this program is fully confident regarding the usefulness of Hyperbolic Stretching Review.

Hyperbolic Stretching

How Hyperbolic stretching works?

The secrecy behind the working of Hyperbolic stretching is to make your pelvic muscles work effectively. It also ensures the effectual working of pelvic muscles, muscle relief, core strength, and pelvic floor, and improves flexibility and hip power.

The program tends to aim at the stimulation and production of nitric oxide and enhances human growth hormone. Some people are unable to get full flexibility due to natural survival reflex, which hinders their functionality when muscles contract. Because of this, hyperbolic stretching targets the elasticity of pelvic muscles through different exercises and techniques.

Hyperbolic stretching emphasizes pelvic strength rather than conventional regimen medication.

You can achieve high splits and flexibility in an 8-minute exercise and in this way you can make your muscles stronger and increases their flexibility.  

Author of Hyperbolic Stretching:

Alexx Larsson is an ex-computer programmer that transformed his sedentary routine into a healthy lifestyle. He specializes in flexibility training and has developed the Hyperbolic Stretching program to help people improve their flexibility, strength, and overall fitness.

His main vision is to teach and help users, as excessive stretching leads to gaining splits. This will not only enhances motion but also helps you in doing actual splits.

What is included in Hyperbolic stretching?

The fitness training course covers the following elements:

  • It includes a series of self-paced videos of 8-10 minutes per day and a period of four weeks for increasing mobility and flexibility.
  • The total cost of this course is 27$ also includes a sleep product and an Advanced stretching accelerator with access to content lifetime.
  • The program includes weekly workouts along with full details on stretching and exercise.
  • The exercise and stretching are also demonstrated through videos, and this scheme also imparts upper body stretching, front side, side split, and pike mystery.
Hyperbolic Stretching Review

Hyperbolic Stretching Is it legit?

There are a lot of pieces of evidence that support the legit of hyperbolic stretching. Some sources claim it is muscle relief pain and other sources also claim it is a package of increasing energy and sexual prowess, stimulating human growth hormone and nitric acid production.

All above mentioned strong clues regarding stretching improve flexibility, for this purpose, it is considered legit. Its results are amazing and strongly support positivity, one study in 2008 Clinical Rehabilitation suggests that neck pain was decreased by stretching.

Another study that this fitness plan has increased nitric acid production that lead to enhanced male virility. Nitric acid production has a beneficial impact on the body that increases oxygenation with increased blood flow. Improving nitric acid production stimulates the functionality of sex organs, especially in women.

Benefits of Hyperbolic Stretching:

We will discuss here how stretching can help you in various ways.

Improves elasticity:

Good stretching brings good flexibility and elasticity to your body. This gives a full range of motions and elasticity that your body needs.

Gives strength to your muscles:

An 8-minute stretching practice enhances your body functionality in terms of pelvic muscles, core muscles, and lower body muscles.

Healthy mindset:

Hyperbolic stretching surely knows how to treat chronic distress conditions and depression. It is known to be giving you a healthy mindset, and stretching becomes effective when you do it with a deep breathing process.

Vital role:

This fitness program has an enormous impact on your physical health by increasing your strong core. It also helps in recovering and healing muscular and connective tissue damage.

Hyperbolic Stretching especially for:

Hyperbolic stretching is an advanced program that will show results when you do a workout daily. This program is highly appreciated by those who are quite familiar with mobility, stretching, and foam rolling work.

This step-by-step programming is quite beneficial for dancers, gymnasts, weight lifters, yoga, and athletes. The athletes, yoga, and gymnastics will show power in their performance when they find stretching beneficial.

Placing the order:

You can avail Hyperbolic stretching digital program when you place the order. The email comes into your inbox after placing your order, along with a link to download them.

Hyperbolic Stretching Functions in Different Ways:



Stretching improves flexibility, as it is the main goal. Some reviews suggested strong evidence regarding stretching. Static stretching is more helpful in hamstring flexibility.

It has also been observed that hyperbolic stretching practice is quite effective and immediate results have been shown after its use.


Cellulite is the deposition of deep fats that are no longer constrained by collagen fibers in the body.

This condition appears when connective tissues get weaker with aging. Less exercise and workout leads to cellulite condition. But you need not worry, you can strengthen your muscles, and this will not only increase muscle tone but also decreases fat.

Increasing Muscular Mass:

Evidence suggests a strong clue regarding increasing muscular mass by stretching. This will lead to expanding muscles, and it works on the principle if you length your muscular tissues that are constrained, they will expand more.


Some reviews claim that stretching impedes strength, but it depends on the condition. But a short-duration static stretching minimum of 30-45 seconds has no harmful effect on the strength, muscle power, and speed of tasks.

Human Growth Hormone:

According to the University of California, they experimented with the effect of exercise and stretching on human growth hormone. Studies revealed that low-intensity workout has no significant impact on growth hormones, but high-intensity workout has a significant impact on growth hormones.

Fat Loss & Stress Relief:

Stretching alone cannot do this, but if you add 10-15 minutes at the end of your workout, it will make some sense.

On the other hand, if we talk about mindset health by stretching, Yes it helps you in achieving good mental health and releases stress.

Exercise helps in reducing stress hormones, and makes us more healthy and active. It means stretching and exercising help you a lot in gaining more physical health as well as a good mindset.


  • Hyperbolic stretching is a digital course that includes a series of videos.
  • The program comprises an 8-minute exercise, with a period of 4 weeks.
  • Availability of 60 days money-back guarantee.
  • The total cost of this course is $27.
  • The fitness program is based on proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) and is backed by full research that helps you in improving muscular strength, flexibility, and a full range of motion.
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Availability of Hyperbolic Stretching:

This fitness plan is only available on the official website, with 60 days money-back guarantee. Hyperbolic stretching is available mainly in two divergent, one is for men, other one is for women.
The basic purpose of keeping this plan in men and women is due to the fact of different stretching patterns in both genders.

Where we can buy Hyperbolic stretching?

You can exclusively find Hyperbolic stretching on Larsson’s official website with a 60-day money-back guarantee.